Fancy a bit of reading? In this section, you can browse past issues of APAC's ELT Journal, purchase our monographs on a variety of topics, and check the programmes and materials from previous conventions. Go on, take a look!


APAC's ELT Journal

APAC's ELT Journal is written by and for the teaching community, thanks to the expertise and hard work of our plucky editor James McCullough.

APAC members receive the journal in their inbox, and all the issues are later posted here to share with the teaching community.

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materials from the ELT convention

Looking for a speaker or a session you particularly enjoyed? Re-read here the programme for APAC's annual ELT Convention, and find the handouts and materials many speakers have kindly shared with the community.

We ask you to give credit to the authors where it's due, and we would greatly appreciate it if you let us know if you use any of these materials and how it worked out.

Happy teaching! 


apac's monographs

If you're willing to explore a topic in more depth, this is the right place: APAC's monographs cover issues such as CLIL, assessment or literature in the classroom. They are written by experts in the field, and contain practical experiences to illustrate each topic. Have a look!

If you're a member of APAC, you can book a copy of APAC's thematic monographs for free at one of APAC's events, or arrange to have it sent to you.

If you're not an APAC member, you can purchase the monographs for 15€ (includes postage fees).