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Institut Joan Oró

Thanks to Montse Irun

FeatureD SChool: INstitut Joan oró, lleida

The improvement of students’ English competence in English is one of the aims of Joan Oró
High School in Lleida. In order to do so, a new project called WhatsEP was launched four years
ago. Students who choose to participate in it have up to 80% of their subjects in English.
Students who do not participate in that project still have half the subjects of Math, Social and
Natural Sciences in English, following CLIL methodology. Besides, English classes have a variety
of methodologies depending on the groups. In most of them, Project-Based learning is
implemented. A challenge is posed for students to solve. Students’ involvement increases and,
thus, they develop their communicative competence by reading, listening, writing and
speaking in English. When the need arises, teachers provide them with the grammatical, lexical
or pragmatic issues which are most suitable to achieve the final task in the most appropriate
and effective way. In this way, we succeed in making learning meaningful and functional and
we foster the development of their autonomy.