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Àngels works at the faculty of Humanities at UPF. She co-ordinates alongside Imma Boluña the Master’s course to prepare secondary school and EOI teachers. She has also taught CLIL at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and general and professional English courses at the Faculty of Translation at UPF. Before, she worked as a CLIL teacher of Arts subjects, designing materials and working in collaboration with content teachers. At UPF, she has participated in a series of projects to improve the quality of teaching, including the development of ICT materials and the implementation of a mentoring programme. Her main research interests lie at the crossroads of education, literacies, and sociolinguistics.


USOA SOL AZPILICUETA, vice-president

Usoa is a secondary school English teacher at Sant Gregori School in Barcelona and associate professor at Blanquerna. She graduated in Translation and Interpreting from UPF in 2003 and she got her Diploma in English Teaching (DELTA) from International House Barcelona in 2008. She is particularly interested in the psychology of teenagers and believes in the use of ICT to motivate students and to help them in their learning. She's a keen wiki user and winner of the John McDowell-British Council award in 2013. She's also a teacher trainer, and a materials writer.



Mireia graduated in Translation and Interpreting from UPF in 1999 and got her master's degree in Teaching in Secondary Schools, Vocational Training and Language Centres from UPF in 2000. Since then she has been working as an English teacher for Activitats Mil·lenari within Escola Mil·lenari, a primary school in Cardedeu, and for DEC Idiomes, a language school in Montornès del Vallès.



Esther is an English language teacher with over fifteen years’ experience. She is the Head teacher at FEM idiomes, a language school in Sabadell and is also working for Activitats Mil·lenari at Escola Mil·lenari in Cardedeu. She graduated in Translation and Interpreting from UPF in 1999 and got her Master’s Degree in ELT from UPF in 2000.

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Miquel has a degree in English Philology (UB, 1996) and a degree in Philosophy (UB, 1984). He has been teaching English for over 25 years at different EOI’s and is now a tenured EOI professor. You might have met him at EOI Barcelona-Drassanes, EOI Sabadell and EOI Barcelona Vall d'Hebron. Miquel currently works for the IOC (Institut Obert de Catalunya) EOI, and has been working as an exam item writer for over 20 years.

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Carme has been a secondary English teacher for 25 years. She is a philologist and has a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics (UAB). Carme has participated in many European programs with her students, coordinated the CLIL program of her school and tutorized the different language assistants that have helped her students to see that studying English can be useful for them. She has been a teacher collaborator of the EOI IOC and has also worked in the in-training teacher program of the Department of Education.



Carme works at the Catalan Department of Education, as well as for IOC’s EOI and for UOC’s Centre of Modern Languages. She also collaborates with UPF as a mentor in their Master’s Degree in Education, and is also a teacher trainer in collaborative learning and in technology applied to education. She coordinates a team of teachers who work to introduce and promote collaborative learning practices in high school as members of XCB (Xarxa de Competències Bàsiques). In recent years, Carme has been working with several research groups (Goldsmiths College, London, University of Ghent, Belgium, SONY Labs, Paris, IIIA-CSIC Bellaterra) on issues of collaborative distance learning, as well as self-assessment and co-assessment, and participated in experiments to validate a number of computer tools developed within the framework of a European project and in collaboration with the Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, IIIA, CSIC. These tools include the automatic design of lesson plans, assessment tools to assess large numbers of students (MOOC) and tools for students’ grouping. These experiments have been carried out at Torres i Bages with the help of students (e.g. Praise, the project on musical education based on online communities, or FELT, the project on self-assessment and co-assessment).



Cèlia is a pre-primary and primary English teacher from Barcelona with over eighteen years’ experience. She has also taught other subjects, giving her the opportunity to gain a greater insight into what children need in order to learn. Cèlia successfully adopted the Project-Based Learning methodology two years ago at Nou Patufet Cooperative School in Gràcia (Barcelona). She is interested in finding ways to teach English to young learners by carrying out motivating activities and blending different contents in her classes. Cèlia is in charge of APAC's social media.



Edward is an associate professor at the URV, where he coordinates the English Minors in the educational degrees. He’s also a teacher trainer for the Departament d’Ensenyament and the director of Lockhart Academy. Edward has a PhD in English teaching methodology, a Master’s in EFL and a Bachelor’s degree in Primary and Physical Education. Edward is in charge of APAC's social media.



Jim has been an English teacher for 25 years and has experience at all levels. Currently he is working in EOIs in the province of Girona, and prior to that he taught in Pompeu Fabra University, both in the Department of Humanities and in the Master’s Programme for training secondary-school English teachers. He got his Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the University of Illinois, where he studied under such professors as Sandra Savignon, Lyle Bachman, and Braj Kachru. Jim is a long-time contributor to APAC, and is part of the editorial team of APAC’s ELT Journal.



Laura has been working as a secondary English teacher at Nou Patufet Cooperative School in Barcelona for two years. She’s currently teaching English in ESO and she is the head teacher in 4th ESO. In her teaching, Laura combines PBL with other methodologies. Originally a Psychology graduate, Laura spent many years working with teenagers before becoming a teacher. That is why she is particularly aware of the diversity of students and learning styles in the classroom, and always aims at creating engaging activities in order to foster student’s learning. Laura is a contributor to APAC.



Mireia is an English teacher and Head of Department at Institut Rafael Casanova in Sant Boi de Llobregat. In the past she was also a school librarian, teacher of the Reading Project in English, orientation teacher and course coordinator, as well as French teacher. She likes blogging for and with her students and taking part in e-twinning projects. She participated in two different Comenius projects and she has collaborated in the design of a PILE project. She is currently leading the Global Scholars project, which is an innovative online global awareness education initiative connecting 10-to-13-year-old students in global cities around the world. Mireiais in charge of APAC's social media.



Montse has been teaching English in a secondary school in Lleida for 25 years, and academic English, Methodology, and Applied Linguistics at the University of Lleida for 10 years. Montse started designing projects thanks to Ramon Ribé, Núria Vidal, Neus Serra, and many others after attending an APAC Conference back in the 90s. Then, thanks to Susana Soler she started to look at language teaching from the perspective of the learner and this is what she’s exploring at the moment. Montse takes part in the design and implementation of projects at INS Joan Oró in Lleida, which has adopted the principles of cross-curricular organisation of PBL. She is in charge of 1st ESO projects, which entail Technology, Science and Social Sciences. Once a term she also runs language projects including all the languages taught at the school (Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German).



Raquel is an enthusiastic, committed and ambitious English language teacher with over five years’ experience in general English courses and courses to get a language certificate. She graduated from the University of Cordoba with a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, and she also holds a Master's degree in ELT from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

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PAQUI LORITE GRÀCIA, admin and contact

Paqui graduated in Spanish Philology from University of Barcelona in 1985. Later on, in 2010, she took a course in Professional Text Correction at Escuela de Aplicaciones Profesionales del Lenguaje y la Edición Cálamo & Cran, and in 2016 she obtained a Professionalism Certificate in Programming and Organization of Cultural Events at Fundació Pere Tarrés. Ever since the beginning of her career, she has been a teacher, an editor and from 2002 she has worked with APAC as an administrative assistant.