Autumn flash training

Create, Innovate & Communicate.


On October 27th, APAC presents the first edition of our autumn flash session, organised in collaboration with our partner Trinity College London, in which English teachers from primary and secondary education will discuss the relationship between creativity, communication and learning.

Participants will develop resources and materials to implement creativity, competence-based assessment and ICT tools in their everyday teaching.

    We have scheduled a common session for all participants, led by Dr. David Bueno, and three workshop sessions in which primary and secondary teachers will work separately:

    • One session on the use of ICT, with Òscar del Estal for primary and Mireia Xortó and Mar Rosso for secondary. 
    • One session on competence-based assessment, with Dr. Elaine Boyd, from Trinity College London.
    • One session on designing tasks that enhance students' creativity, with Maria Mont for primary and Àngels Bosacoma and Marta Rius for secondary.