Autumn flash training

Create, Innovate & Communicate in ELT

Date: November 9th 2019, from 9:00 to 19:00

Venue: INS JM Zafra, Barcelona

Through our autumn workshops Create, Innovate & Communicate, APAC aims at opening up a space in which foreign language teachers working in Catalonia, and especially English language teachers, can get together to reflect on and construct innovative practices in collaboration with their peers, top-level trainers and other teachers from different contexts.

Building up STEAM with gamification and flipped learning


For the second edition of our autumn workshop, we’ll be working on tools and strategies to flip your classrooms and increase learner engagement through gamification activities and a focus on STEAM contents.


  • To present and discuss the benefits and challenges inherent to content-rich approaches to teaching, flipped learning and gamification, based on classroom experiences and research findings within the field of neuroscience.

  • To share online tools and resources to help teachers implement active methodologies in their practice.

  • To offer a space for teachers to experience these tools and how they’re applied in the foreign language class.

  • To promote reflection and strategies to connect these methodologies to competence-based teaching and to content-focused design that includes elements of STEAM and CLIL.

  • To facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among peers and across different educational settings.


For every item in the programme - CLIL, STEAM, flipped learning, gamification - we will cover the following aspects:

  • Key points, benefits and challenges, theoretical and research foundations

  • ICT and analogic tools and resources

  • Examples of good practices

  • Practical experiences and development

  • Group discussion and reflection


Create, Innovate and Communicate combines 2 plenary sessions addressed to all participants and 4 workshops for each group (one for primary school teachers, one for secondary or post-mandatory school teachers). The plenary sessions are designed as lectures in which renowned speakers will present the key elements that underpin flipped learning, gamification and content-based methodologies, with input from the field of neurosciences. The workshops will be hands-on sessions in which teachers will try out different tools and contents and design in collaborative groups activities and resources for their own context.

We strongly recommend bringing along a laptop or tablet with internet capabilities.

The sessions will be carried out in English, Catalan or Spanish depending on the speaker’s preferences, and all three languages can be used by the attendees.


  • 50€ for APAC members

  • 75€ for non-members

  • 60€ for pre-arranged groups and students

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