Our MisSion

Learning as a community.


APAC is a non-profit association that supports English teachers working in Catalonia.

Founded in 1986, the association welcomes primary and secondary school teachers, teachers in language academies, freelance teachers, material developers, or whatever is your expertise in the field of English as a foreign language.

Even though we partner with other associations, universities and companies, we remain an independent entity, striving to offer our associates a platform in which to interact, train and share with other teachers and agents involved in the field.

APAC offers training opportunities throughout the year, issues two ELT Journals a year and keeps its members up to date with information about events and interesting materials in the field of ELT.




Read past and present statutes governing APAC here.

Read the documents from our yearly General Assemblies here.

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Board of the Associació de Professors d'Anglès de Catalunya

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