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In partnership with the British Council, APAC offers 10-hour thematic training for primary and secondary school teachers

Dates: 27th April & 11th May

SUMMARY: The spring workshops will revolve around the development of the students’ plurilingual and pluricultural competences, drawing on the work that's been carried out in the renewed CEFR, and in line with the multilingual approach currently in development by the Departament d’Educació here in Catalonia.

The plenary sessions will provide participants with some key concepts to help them grasp the nature of the plurilingual and pluricultural competences and their development, the current linguistic landscape in Catalan schools, and the importance of these competences in relation to students’ academic success and lifelong learning opportunities.

The workshops will furnish the participants with the necessary tools to set up learning contexts and experiences that contribute to the development of their students’ global communicative and linguistic competence. Participants will leave the sessions with a variety of resources to use in their everyday teaching. The workshop sessions will explore the use of content-rich methodologies to open up the EFL class to other languages and cultures, focusing on a) CLIL resources and class dynamics and their integration in a multilingual classroom; b) the use of ICT tools to enrich students’ input and output opportunities; and c) feedback tools and strategies to follow up students’ progress with a competence-based approach that integrates language and contents.

Renovate your teaching gear with the Spring Workshops.

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