APAC: Release your inspiration

Teaching, like learning, is a social process that is enriched through meaningful interaction with our peers. Those of you who participate in projects and exchanges know this very well - when we design our sessions as a team we feel more motivated, more creative, more confident about trying out new things.

Every time we meet for our annual conference in February we are surprised by the amount of great quality work that is going on all over the place, and how oblivious most people are to it. There’s no need to work on your own, though! If we don’t share our good work, we risk it having no continuity.

Working well and training are important, but so is sharing what we do. And that’s how we came up with the cAPACsules.

Let’s all share a little bit of what’s going on in our classes: through a video you want us to publish in our webpage, by writing an article for APAC’s ELT Journal, by presenting at next year’s ELT Convention, by getting in touch through social media.

Get creative. Have a #cAPACsule!


Feeling down? Uninspired? Pop a cAPACsule and release your inspiration! Are you bursting with great ideas? Make your own cAPACsules and share them with other APACers.


Meet the members of the new board and learn everything about our projects and ideas to contribute to the English teaching community. Get to know the associations and businesses that have partnered with us. Or just get in touch with APAC's board.

Read something, learn something

In this section, you can browse past issues of APAC's ELT Journal, purchase our monographs on a variety of topics, check the programmes and materials from previous conventions and discover what the most adventurous APAC members  and partners want to share with the community. Go on, take a look!